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Providing a community of data professionals to learn, support & help one another grow.

About Us

Young Data Professionals (YDP) is a Data tribe & vibrant data community that comprises of smart, young & energetic data lovers across different levels of expertise where we discuss data matters, profer solutions to member’s challenging tasks.

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What we Offer as a community

Support system

See YDP as your support system as it relates to your data career across different spectrum of analytics.

Answer Questions

We provide a platform where you can ask ANY question career or data related.


We host sessions for you to learn lessons ranging from money nuggets, to time management & others.

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What Our Members Say...

Asides from learning from questions asked on the page, being here has afforded me the opportunity to link up with people who are really good in their field and who I'm able to talk to when I have questions of my own or want advice. Some of these discourses have guided the things I have learnt and the activities I am engaging in that'll boost what I'm learning

Rahmat Arogundade

Data Analyst

Young Data Professionals has helped me to continuously remain inspired in the data field

Joseph Itopa

Data Analyst

YDP has helped me to prepare for interviews, to work on projects that I won't have been able to handle, my run to platform whenever I need any book, built my network, I have also got some jobs recommendation from the platform as well.

Blessing Esseh

Data Analyst

One of the best means of connecting with great minds in the data space.

Emmanuel Ugochukwu

Data Scientist

At first, I thought knowing Python alone makes me a Data scientist. But joining the group has open my eye to tools to learn and perhaps Data science is not for me and giving me opportunity to know more about other data path.

Hisa Quadri

Data Analyst

Amazing. I'm a beginner but this group made me stay focus and all the group members were mentors to me. They have been source of motivation and giving up on my career is like disappointing the YDP community. Checking daily job updates on the group also give me hope, that I only need to know the right skills. Getting a job will be easy, thanks slot for creating this type of platform


Data Analyst

Awesome! YDP has helped me in so many ways. The love and positivity energy in the community is contagious. It’s more or less like a big data family.

Gbemisola Odedina

Data Analyst